Mass of load: m = kg
Additional forces and moments
Distance to drive block (only MTJZ, MTVZ and CTVZ): rx = mm
Distance: hx = mm
Distance: hy = mm
Distance: hz = mm
Inclination of the x axis: α = °
Rotation of the Unit about the x axis: β = °
Stroke: h = mm
Maximum travel speed: vmax = m/s
Acceleration of Linear Unit: a = m/s2
Acceleration path of carriage input: s = mm
Acceleration time of carriage input: t = s
Path at constant travel speed: sc = mm
Time at constant travel speed: tc = s
Total travel time: tt = s
Number of screw supports: nSA = SA
Acceleration of Drive block: ay = m/s2
Acceleration of Drive block: az = m/s2
Dynamic safety factor of guide system: fd =
Dynamic safety factor of belt or ball screw: fb =
Mass compensation (on belt): mk = %
Distance: A = mm
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