Introduction PNCE electric cylinder

New introduction of our PNCE electric cylinder in sizes 32, 40, 50, 63 with a maximum stroke length of 1200mm, a maximum travel speed of 2.5 m / s and an axial force of up to 16500 N. Thanks to the high-precision ball screw, we achieve a repeatability of < 0.02mm.

PNCE electric cylinder with precision ball screw. The electric cylinder complies with the ISO 15552 standard. The appearance and dimensions are very similar to a pneumatic cylinder. Highest performance features, such as high speed, acceleration and repeat accuracy, are ensured by the precision ball screw with reduced axial clearance of the ball nut (preload on request) and a precise anti-twist device on the piston rod. For optimum unit life, relubrication should be carried out via the grease nipples (refer to the lubrication intervals in the Maintenance Manual). The smooth and closed surface facilitates the cleaning of the cylinder. In combination with a class H1 lubricant, the products are also suitable for food applications. In addition, you can
They can be expanded with sensors and ISO standard accessories. The excellent sealing of the components in the cylinder corresponds to the protection class IP65 and protects the inside of the cylinder against dust, water and other impurities. The IP65CR version also offers high corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

• Standard version (S)

• IP65 protection class (IP65)

• Protection class IP65 with high corrosion resistance (IP65CR)

• For applications in the food industry (FI)

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